It's your boy KSI. And this app is about one thing: I. AM. A. BELLEND.

You might have already bought my book KSI: I AM A BELLEND. If you have: cheers. Now you can use this app to get FOUR videos that aren't on my YouTube channel, played by holding your phone's camera over images in the book. If you're too cheap to get the book (you total bellend), then it will still get you one exclusive video that's not on my channel.

And there's more, mo-fo. There's a keepy uppy game featuring ME breaking sh*t in my cartoon bedroom. Plus you can read a chapter of my book, and there are links to buy it if you like what you read. And, you WILL like what you read. Oh yes.

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Frequently asked questions about the KSI I Am A Bellend App

1. How do I use the augmented reality tool to watch the videos?
On pages 13, 15, and 161 of the book KSI: I Am a Bellend you'll be able to hover your device over these pages and a video will appear. When you see the play button appear, simply tap it and watch the video. Make sure you hold your device far enough away from the page to get the whole thing in it, but not too far that your device is trying to scan things outside of the book's pages.

2. What are the instructions for playing the game?
Move KSI left and right using the arrows in the bottom left corner. As the ball gets closer to KSI's head, knees, or feet, use the corresponding buttons on the right to hit the ball back up in the air. The longer you can keep the ball up in the air and off the ground, the higher your score will go.

3. Where do I buy the KSI book to use the app with?
You can getthe KSI: I Am a Bellend book in major bookshops and online. You can view a full list of retailers on this page.

4. Do I need to have the book to use the app?
Nope. But you can't watch the three videos otherwise. Sorry, bro.

5. Who created the KSI: I Am a Bellend app?
The Orion Publishing Group and Oakley Mobile have partnered to create this app.

6. My question isn't answered here. How do I get it answered?
Send us an email at enquiries@ksi.com and someone from the publisher or developer will get back to you.

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